It's Some Season

As one of Michigan's oldest theatres since its inception in 1932, Pit and Balcony Theatre has been the leader in Saginaw's performing arts commu.nity and one of the strongest links in the cultural, civic and entertainment chain within our area. Quality arts productions foster a vibrant community; one which inspires children and adults and builds understanding across all cultures in the GLBR. Pit and Balcony theatre productions are open and available to every segment of our community and we are proud of tis long history of encouraging diversity. Untold thousands have enjoyed the productions and appreciated the variety of talents which are required for each show. And, now the stage is set for the 2015 - 2016 season.

What began in a private residence 84 years ago quickly grew and expanded. Under the stewardship of volunteers only, the theatre has maintained its integrity, standard of excellence in play selections, and stellar theatrical moments for our community. Seating for 280 allows for an intimate theatre experience. For many residents, seeing a play at Pit and Balcony Theatre is the only theatrical experience they will ever have.

With well over 12,000 people who participate in or see Pit and Balcony Theatre productions each year, businesses and other organizations enhance t.heir visibility across our community when they sponsor P&B shows. It takes over 10,000 volunteer hours and thousands of dollars to operate the theatre. Ticket sales alone cannot sustain the productions. We rely upon the generous support of sponsors and underwriters, like you, to ensure that community theatre remains a viable venue for local talent. Your sponsorship and generosity will be recognized by the over 8,000 patrons who attend our productions.

Pit and Balcony offers five levels of sponsorship opportunities to meet varying business interests and investment potential, so please, please help this exciting volunteer operated community institution with your financial support. We also urge YOU to "come enjoy the show"!